KTorrent 5.1

As an acting release manager I would like to announce KTorrent 5.1.


KF5 port is now more complete than in KTorrent 5.0:
Multimedia, search, scanfolder, ipfilter, stats, scripting, syndication (rss) plugins
are now ported to Qt5. The only missing bits are webinterface plugin and plasmoid.

Also thanks to Luigi Toscano who released took over KTorrent 5.1 RC release
after my laptop screen broke.

Note to libktorrent crashes if both qca is built with botan support and botan is built
with gmp support. Make sure at least one of these of these is not enabled. In fact botan 2
already has gmp support completely removed but most distributions come with botan 1.

Also, libktorrent apparently requires Qt 5.7 even though CMakeLists.txt only requires 5.2.
There is a patch to lower Qt requirement in 2.1 branch
https://phabricator.kde.org/R472:bcb17b62ff492a7bc7d65c59a5b0a3513199c65d if you need it
although, right now KTorrent requires Qt 5.7 anyway.

6 comments on “KTorrent 5.1

  • Magnet says:

    Very nice, but a lot of work before to be at the same high level as Qbittorrent. And without a search engine, there is no change I leave Qbittorrent for Ktorrent.

  • Still the best kept of my secrets and the best torrent client around. Thanks for the hard work, it’s really worth it for a near perfect piece of software!

  • Awesome! It will be good to use and support KTorrent in the future. Thank you for your hard work.

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