LUKS support in KDE Partition Manager

KDE Partition Manager was able to detect encrypted LUKS partitions for some time. I’m glad to report that now support for LUKS volumes is much more complete. Unless I’m mistaken, KDE Partition Manager is the first GUI tool that supports creating and resizing LUKS partitions (provided that file system inside LUKS container supports resizing). This is still work in progress and we still need to implement some checks (e.g. it should not be possible to set labels when LUKS volume is closed). Here is a short video demonstrating current state:


5 comments on “LUKS support in KDE Partition Manager

  • Please consider to implement support for generating and replaying btrfs snapshots. This would be very helpful.

  • Elvis Angelaccio says:

    Nice work!

    Glad to see KNewPasswordWidget in action 🙂
    On the other hand, why not using KPasswordDialog to retrieve the decryption password?

    • Thanks for suggestion. Well this is still as I’ve said incomplete and early preview. But its already nice to have this functionality.

      Actually, I’ve now remembered, we used to also ask for LUKS mapper name, so we needed two input fields. But now we just default to luks-UUID, so the other field got removed.


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